Pan-Pacific Real Estate Investment Fund #1

Sustainable fixed income fund
100,000,000 USD
Offering Volume
100,000,000 tokens
Fundraising Period
6 months
6 - 10%
Management Fee
2% / year
Distribution Policy
Quarterly after 1st distribution
Listed Platform
Coinbase, Securitize, tZero…etc.
Investment Target
Property with fixed income and valued-add property
Investment Criteria

1. The cash flow calculation must meet PPREIF’s model.

2. Properties that have been developed or can be developed within a short period of time.

3. There are existing lease agreements or other projects with stable income in the future. These items should be evaluated by the management team in advance.

4. There is a property management team with an outstanding performance in place, which can continue to be used after the investment.

5. If the project is not listed in the pre-investment project or does not meet the above criteria, the PPREIF management team will decide whether to invest.